General Reinforcement Details in Shear Walls as per IS 13920:1993

Shear walls are vertical R.C.C elements designed along the structure to counter the lateral effects due to wind and seismic forces.

Details are as follows:

  • the diameter of bar shall not exceed 1/10th of the thickness of that part of shear wall.
  • The reinforcement in Shear walls shall be provided in longitudinal and transverse direction in the whole plane of wall. The minimum reinforcement shall be 0.0025 of gross area in each direction  with uniform distribution in whole cross section of wall.
  • if the factored shear stress in the wall exceeds  0.25√fck   or if the wall thickness exceeds 200 mm, hence reinforcement shall be provided in two curtains, each having bars in longitudinal and transverse directions in the plane of wall.
  • maximum spacing of reinforcement in either direction shall not exceed the smaller of lw/5, 3tw and 450 mm, where lw is horizontal length of wall and tis thickness of wall web.

——–As Per IS 13920:1993 which deals for Shear Wall design. ——— 


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