Types of Helical Spring

A spring is a device whose function is to deflect under tensile or compressive load and recover its original shape when unloaded.

Types of Springs:

  • Helical Spring
  • Spiral Spring
  • Leaf Spring

Helical Springs: In this a wire coiled in the form of helix.

  • Closed Coil Helical Spring(Tension Spring)
  • Open Coiled Helical Spring(Compression Spring)
  • Torsional Spring
Closed Coil Helical Spring Open Coiled Helical Spring
1.       Resist tensile forces. Resist Compressive forces
2.       Pitch is very small. Pitch is high
3.       Each turn lie in same plane at right angles to the axis of helix. No turn lie in the same plane , hence each turn lie inclined to the axis of helix.

The maximum shear stress occurs at the innermost fibres of a helical spring under torsion is because of curvature effect.

Where, D= mean diameter of helical coil

d= diameter of spring wire.


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