Difference between Shear force and Bending moment with example

When load is applied on any structural member then it tends to generate shear force and bending moment. And to analyse any structure these two conditions must be satisfied.

Shear force:- It is an algebraic sum of forces acting on either side of section of beam. These forces acts parallel on the beam but in opposite direction.

Bending moment:- It is the algebraic sum of moments acting on either side of section of  beam.

Always cut sections for calculation of S.F and B.M. In given below figures I have shown Sign Conventions for S.F and B.M.

For calculating shear force we can use just right and just left procedure for every single point. If found any mistake and didn’t get it, please refer any Engineering Mechanics book.Here, the published content is only only for understanding purposes.

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Life forms, what  we expect and what we do.

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What is Curing in Civil engineering?

Curing is the process of applying running water to freshly placed concrete to avoid outgoing movement of heat and moisture from concrete structure to gain full strength. If curing is not done properly then cracks may develop at surface of concrete because of removal of water from interior part of concrete hence leaving behind pores which may result in series of cracks.

To stop this process curing is necessary to reduce outgoing of moisture( actual amount of water used while mixing) from concrete member. So that moisture will distribute uniformly inside the concrete member. According to IS 456-2000 or by any other code, for this, use only running water or fresh water free from any heavy particulates, acids or salts.

                                                        Drink Pure Water

Difference between Prismatic compass and Surveyor’s compass

Difference between Prismatic compass and Surveyor’s compass in simple language.First of all, keep both the compasses in front of you then one by one start matching these differences or just conduct an experiment for a small irregular plot by using these compass and you could also learn wcb system and rb system. So give your best trial.

S.No Prismatic compass Surveyor’s compass
1. Magnetic needle is of broad size. Magnetic needle is of edge type.
2. Graduations (divisions) are in W.C.B system. Graduations are in R.B system.
3. Graduated ring has attachment with needle. Graduated ring has attachment with box.
4. Divisions(readings) are noted down with the help of prism. Divisions are noted down directly from top of glass.
5. Reading and sighting can be done at the same time from same position. Reading and sighting can be done separately from different position.
6. For holding, supports are not compulsory. For holding, supports are compulsory.

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